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Draught Beers Pint Pitcher
New Belgium Fat Tire $4.50 $16.00
Terrapin Golden Ale $4.50 $16.00
Sweetwater Sweet Georgia Brown $4.50 $16.00
Miller “The Original” Lite $3.50 $12.00


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Bottled Beers


Bottled Beers

Miller Lite-$3.25

  Highland Oatmeal Porter-$4.00

Miller High Life-$3.25

  Stella Artois-$4.00

Yuengling Lager-$3.25

  Stella Artois Cidre-$4.00


  Sprecher Root Beer Beer-$4.00

Bud Lite-$3.25

  Samuel Adams Lager-$4.00

Pabst Blue Ribbon (1lb. Can)-$2.50

  Samuel Adams Light-$4.00

Newbelgium Shift (12oz can)-$4.00

  Sweetwater 420-$4.00

Terrapin Recreation Ale-$4.00

  Sweetwater Blue-$4.00

Abita Christmas Ale-$4.00


New Holland Cabin Fever-$4.00

  Guinness Draught-$4.00

Rogue Yellow Snow-$4.00


Sweetwater Festive Ale-$4.00

  Corona -$4.00

Highland Gaelic Ale-$4.00




w left handed


Brewery of the Month,

Left Hand Brewing Company: Longmont, CO


Milk Stout,

Sawtooth Ale,

Fade to Black Ale,

Black Jack Porter

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